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1. What is the season for the Surf 'n Slide Water Park?
2. Do I have to wear a mask to enter the water park this year?
3. Do I have to wear a mask when I swim?
4. What if I don't want to wear a mask?
5. Can I pre-register if I have a punch card or daily admission pass?
6. Why can I only pre-register online a week in advance for daily admission?
7. Can I change my pre-registration on my own?
8. Why is it cheaper to pay online than if you pay in the lobby?
9. How do I cancel my online pre-registration?
10. Why can't my family get their Season Pass pictures during public swim hours this year?
11. What methods of payment are accepted at the Surf 'n Slide Water Park (concession stand included)?
12. Will the picnic shelter be available to rent?
13. Do I have to pay for admission even if I'm not going to swim?
14. On days that you reach capacity, will you allow more people to enter as people leave?
15. Do any of the features at the Surf 'n Slide Water Park have height restrictions?
16. Does the Surf 'n Slide Water Park have lockers?
17. Are towels and life jackets available at the Surf 'n Slide Water Park?
18. What type of food and drinks are available at the concession stand?
19. Can I bring food into the Surf 'n Slide Water Park?
20. What happened to the Lazy River tubes?
21. Why is Treasure Island closed?
22. What happened to the Flowrider divider?
23. I have a large group, how do I know if we will be able to get in?
24. Do you offer discounts for large groups?
25. Why are Season Pass holders charged a fee and their pass deactivated if they pre-register and don't show up?
26. Why are swim lesson registrations so late this year?
27. Why do you want to know my zip code and if I paid to stay somewhere?
28. Will things change if we move back or move forward in "phases"?
29. If I pre-register, can I come anytime during the day?
30. Why is online pre-registration closed at 10:45 a.m. each day?