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Posted on: August 25, 2021

2021 street striping complete

Long liner painting Wheeler Road 2

Long liner painting Wheeler Road

Public Works Operations is pleased to announce the successful completion of 2021 Street Striping.  

Public Works typically schedules striping in spring; however, this year, the paint was delayed due to paint shortages related to the COVID epidemic. It wasn't clear if the City would receive paint at all this year.

The City's practice is to purchase the paint and then fully use it in that same year, as the paint does not store well over the winter.  The paint is used until it is all gone and sometimes all the streets on the list for the year do not get painted.  Left over paint would be wasted.

Streets are painted every other year, so the list of streets completed in 2021 does not include all of the streets on the paint list.  This is efficient use of the paint, as the paint build-up becomes excessive if the lines are painted every year.

2021 Street Striping Completion List

  1. Nelson Road
  2. Paxson Road
  3. Valley Road
  4. Road H
  5. Stratford Road
  6. Grape Drive
  7. Central Drive
  8. Wheeler Road
  9. Kittelson Road
  10. Yonezawa Boulevard
  11. South Clover Drive
  12. Randolph Road
  13. Patton Boulevard
  14. Owens Road
  15. Hill Avenue

Public Works started painting roads on August 9th and finished August 18th, using 605 gallons of white paint and 605 gallons of yellow paint.

Public Works thanks everyone for their patience and understanding during the project. 

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