The Moses Lake Fire Department operates a transport capable emergency medical service for the community of Moses Lake. We currently operate one staffed advanced life support unit at Fire Station 1 and an additional cross-staffed advanced life support unit at Fire Station 2. Cross-staffing indicates that we share staffing between the fire engine, brush truck, and ambulance that are stationed at Fire Station 2 and the crew will respond in the most appropriate unit for the type of emergency dispatched to. In addition to the two staffed units we operate three additional advanced life support units that we staff with call back personnel when the on duty staff is unable to meet the demand for service.

In recent years the City of Moses Lake has had to re-organize how we operate in order to continue to provide effective response when you call 9-1-1 for an ambulance. Some of these changes have included equipping our Engines with advanced life support equipment, and ensuring all of our personnel--from the Chief down--are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics.

In 2017 the ambulance service saw a re-structuring of fees to enable the City to continue operating transport ambulance services within the Fire Department. The current monthly fee for ambulance service is $14.45, charged as part of the utility bill that also includes charges for water, sewer, and garbage service. In addition to the $14.45 monthly fee, system users will be responsible for any co-insurance payments (co-pays) required by your insurance company. The service does not "balance bill" for any amount not covered by your insurance company (other than co-pays) for those who pay the monthly ambulance utility fee.

Questions regarding your actual bill for ambulance service should be directed to Systems Design at 1-800-238-9398. For general questions regarding the ambulance service or other services provided by the fire department please contact either Chief Brett Bastian at 509-764-3850 or Medical Services Officer Todd Schanze at 509-764-3849.

See Moses Lake Municipal Code Chapter 2.30 "Emergency Medical and Ambulance Service" for further information on billing, billing exemptions, and other important information regarding the ambulance service.

Ambulance Utility Fee Newsletter (PDF)

Fire Suppression Services

The City of Moses Lake Fire Department responds to numerous types of fire and smoke related emergencies each year. These responses vary and include structure fires in homes and commercial buildings, fire alarm activation’s, wildland fires, and smoke issues such as overheated furnace motors and cooking related incidents. We also respond to fuel spills and odor investigations such as natural gas and liquid propane gas.

Rescue Services

The City of Moses Lake Fire Department may be requested to respond to a variety of rescue type situations in and around our community. Some of these requests may be ice and water related rescue, high or low angle rescue, trench rescue, and confined-space rescue.

Our firefighters and command staff are trained and well equipped to respond and carry out an ice or water rescue when needed. Due to limited staffing, training, and minimal equipment, we are not able to perform trench or confined-space rescue at this time. Our personnel may respond to provide a safe area and assist within their capability.

We work closely with our neighboring fire departments and districts in order to provide the best and most timely rescue services possible.

Ambulance Services

The City of Moses Lake Fire Department responds to numerous types of emergency medical calls each year. Responses vary from non-threatening to cardiac arrests. All responses are handled by our highly trained and well-equipped firefighter paramedics and firefighter EMT’s that are on shift 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.