Interlocal Agreements

2014 Jan to 2023 Dec NCRL District Building Maintenance
2022 to 2023 Jun Grant County Commiss CHG Sub Recipient
2015 to 2025 US Dept of Interior Potholes Water Rights
2020 to 2025 WA State Patrol Fire Inspections
2021 Jun to 2026 May Moses Lake School District Joint Facility Use
2021 Apr to 2024 Jun Moses Lake School District SRO
2022 to 2026 WA State Dept of Enterprise Services Energy Program
2022 to 2027 Grant County Comm Valley Road Maintenance
2023 to 2027 Dec Grant County Commiss Investment Services

Association of WA Cities Healthcare 2014
Central Basin Investigative Team 2010
City of Bellevue Joint Purchasing Agreement 2004
City of Othello Purchasing Agreement Fire 2001
East Columbia Irrigation District 2004
East Columbia Basin Irrigation District 2011
Grant County Behavior Health with Police 2023
Grant Adams and COML Tactical Response Teams 2022
Grant County Commiss Aerial Photos 2019
Grant County Commiss Countywide Planning Policy 1991
Grant County Commiss Marine Patrol 2021
Grant County Commiss Municipal Court Services 2022
Grant County Commiss Mutual Aid FPD, Port, Cities 2015
Grant County Commiss Mutual Aid Police, Medical Fire 1999
Grant County Commiss Solid Waste Plan 2007
Grant County Commiss UGA Boundary Franchise 2000
Grant County Conservation District dba CBCD 2023
Grant County FPD5 Search & Rescue Training-Mutual Aid 2011
Grant County Health District Coordinated Water Service 1999
Grant County Health District Services 2021
Grant County Public Utility District Pole Attachments 2020
Grant County Public Works Shop Dump Site 2005
Grant County Sheriff Mutual Aid 2011
HGAC Purchasing Coop 2016
Housing Authority of Grant County WSG Services 1965
MACC 911 Dispatch 2002 and one amendment
MACC Radio Equipment and Maintenance 2012
MACC Spillman Mobile 2016
Moses Lake Fire NCW HazMat Team 2022
North Central Regional EMS Incidents 2001
NCRL District Gifts et al 2009
NCRL District Book Retention 1983
NCRL District Library Services 1982
Port of Moses Lake Equipment Agreement 2018
Port of Moses Lake and Grant County Crab Creek Bridge 2022
Quad County RTPO 1992
Region 6 Fire Investigation Task Force 1996
Seattle Public Utilities - WA State Reference GPS Network 2007
Seattle, City of - Purchasing Agreement 2000
Stevens County Purchasing Agreement 2001
US Dept of Ag Airport Subordination 1963
US Dept of Interior Potholes Water Rights 2015
WA DOR Business License Services 2018
WA DOT Authorized Signatures 2003
WA DOT Wetland Mitigation Bank 2003
WA DOT 3 Ponds Wetland 2004
WA ESD Old Age and Survivors Insurance 1955
WA State University Demonstration Garden 2005
Wash Schools Information Processing Coop (WSIPC) 2022