City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk

Mission Statement

The mission of the City Clerk Department is to serve as the City's source for informational, historical, legislative, and elections services for the community, the public and City agencies and to provide these services in an efficient, effective and friendly manner.

About the Department

The City Clerk and staff are unbiased public servants who promote open government and transparency of information by providing a link between citizens and government. The Office of the City Clerk serves as the compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes. This is achieved by coordinating the legislative process and managing city records with integrity, accuracy and transparency.

Duties of the Office of the City Clerk include:

  • Public Records Officer and Records Manager for the City
  • Serves as a point of contact for City Council
  • Attend, record, provide citizen support at City Council meetings
  • Prepares and publishes Council Agendas
  • Maintains historical records and meeting minutes
  • Records, certifies and files resolutions and ordinances
  • Codifies and maintains the Moses Lake Municipal Code
  • Receives legal documents served on the City as a Municipal Corporation
  • Registered agent to receive Claims for Damages
  • Responsible agent for the Official City Seal
  • Performs other duties as may be required by the laws of the State or City Ordinances