The Water Division's goal is to provide safe and reliable water to all customers within the City of Moses Lake service area. The water is monitored and tested on a regular basis to maintain high quality and purity. In addition, the Water Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the water system.

The average production of the water system ranges from 4.1 to 17.1 million gallons per day. The total production in 2010 was 3 billion gallons.


  • 9 reservoirs
  • 19 deep wells
  • 160 miles of water mainline
  • 1,200 fire hydrants
  • 1,600 water-main valves
  • 7,500 water services

The Water Division is dedicated to providing the best service possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding water quality or the water distribution system, we encourage you to call the Public Works office at (509)764-3951.