Camping Safety


  • Avoid camping alone in isolated areas and avoid walking alone at night
  • Park your vehicle so it cannot be blocked by another vehicle in case of an emergency
  • Mark all your belongings and camping equipment with your driver's license number and keep a record of equipment
  • Mark your tent, sleeping bags and clothing with indelible ink
  • Engrave your footlocker, thermos, coolers, lamps and flashlights, fishing gear, backpacks, barbecue grills, etc.
  • Familiarize yourself with local emergency locations and phone numbers in case of accidents or crimes
  • Avoid leaving your camping gear (cook stove, ice chest, chairs, etc.) out in the open unattended
  • Get to know your neighbors and help protect each other's belongings
  • Carry a spare lock so you can use storage containers available at many parks
  • Use a chain and lock to secure propane tanks, portable generators, spare tires, bicycles, etc.
  • Always lock your camping trailer when you leave the vicinity
  • Install a locking device on the trailer-towing hitch, so your trailer cannot be towed away
  • Report any suspicious activities and all crimes to the proper authorities