Evidence and Property

Found Property:

If you would like to claim property you found, within 7 days you must surrender the item to MLPD and provide a written appraisal for the fair market value of the item in its current condition. Appraisal must be done by a qualified dealer of like item, or a district court judge in the county where the property was found. The person claiming found property is responsible for the cost of an advertisement in the local newspaper for two consecutive weeks and 10% of the fair market value of the item. After 60 days of being unclaimed, the finder may then claim the item.

Property Release:

Before evidence can be released, the case must be adjudicated with no pending appeal, or a signed release form the Prosecutor handling the case must be submitted to MLPD. If there is more than one defendant in a case, evidence will be held until all pending charges are adjudicated. When the case is adjudicated and MLPD has received a release from the Prosecutor's office, our Police Specialist will send a post card notification which gives you 60 days from the date sent to claim your property.

Please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment to claim your property. When claiming property, you must provide photo identification. If you are picking up property for another person you must have a signed, notarized statement from the owner, giving you permission to pick up their property. No property or evidence will be released without proper documentation.

Unclaimed/Seized Property Auctions:

Unclaimed or seized property items are auctioned through Yarbro Auctions.

If you have any questions regarding evidence or property, please our Evidence Tech Miranda Martinez call at (509)764-3914.