Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch at the MLPD was established a few years ago and now we are really trying to be proactive and get more neighborhoods throughout Moses Lake involved!

What is Neighborhood Watch? The Neighborhood Watch program is simply you and your neighbors working together with your local police to reduce criminal opportunity on your street. Essentially neighbors looking out for neighbors. It is a very successful anti-crime effort. Neighborhood Watch operates to educate participants in the principles of deterrence, delay and detection. The program depends on a communication network organized within your neighborhood. Police officers that patrol may not be able to spot a stranger in your yard but your neighbors can! Neighborhood watch members are not vigilantes. They are simply extra eyes and ears for reporting crimes and helping their neighbors. Through this program members learn how to make their homes more secure and how to watch out for each other's homes.

If you have any questions on Neighborhood Watch or would like to get one started in your community, please feel free to email Miranda Martinez at or call at 509-764-3914.