Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance)

Emergency Medical Services DivisioN

The Emergency Medical Services division is made up of many cross-trained staff men and women. There are three shifts consisting of 11 staff members between two staffed stations that cover 23 square miles with a population of 23,544. Firefighters are all cross-trained as either an Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic to provide medical services to all those who reside and visit our community. All medical staff receive ongoing and continuous training throughout the year to stay current and competent. Our staff uses state of the art equipment and supplies to ensure the best possible care for those who utilize our services. 


The department strives to stay current on the most trending and cutting edge medical technology and supplies offered. In 2018, crews began to evaluate new heart monitors to replace the older generation heart monitors. After an extensive search and evaluation period, the Zoll X-Series heart monitor was chosen and placed into service in the beginning of 2019.  The Zoll X-series monitors communicates with the current report writing software used by the department, and has allowed for greater data collection. This data is imperative when trying to understand the needs and risks of the community, and helps with developing a better community risk reduction program.

Zoll X-Series Monitor PhotoIn 2019, the department began looking at various programs and technology to help better track medical supplies and their usage. After evaluating many options, the department chose the UCapIt medical vending machine to help track medical supply movement from receiving to usage. The equipment and associated software will help to improve appropriate medical supply allocation and tracking of expiration dates. 

There are currently four ambulances in the fleet that include a 2011 Ford E450 Northstar, 2012 Ford E450 Lifeline, 2015 Ford E450 Lifeline, and a 2018 Ford F550 4-wheel drive Lifeline. In May 2020, a new Ford F550 Sawtooth was commissioned to be built to add to the fleet. Each of the new units was fitted with an auto-load system to reduce likelihood of back injuries when lifting patients into the ambulances. Medic Unit Photo


All full-time staff, including administration, are cross-trained to handle all emergency medical calls. Ongoing training is required annually including Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, American Heart Association CPR for healthcare providers, and HIPAA training. Monthly advanced training for paramedics is provided by physicians to ensure crew members are aware of current medical protocols and standards. Following medical protocols and tracking local medical trends is of utmost importance for the department. Quality improvement positions were established in 2019 on each shift to help in this process, and enhances the service provided to our citizens. In this regard, all medical reports are carefully reviewed by multiple individuals to assure compliance of protocols and accuracy for billing purposes. Training 1 Photo

Patient Billing Questions

Patient ambulance billing services for the City of Moses Lake Fire Department are provided by Systems Design West. If you have questions about your bill, please contact Systems Design West at:
Systems Design West
P.O. Box 3510
Silverdale, WA 98383-3510

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Medicaid exemption form

If you have Medicaid Insurance and are wanting to claim the Medicaid exemption, please fill out the form in the link below and return to the fire department in attention to EMS Chief Todd Schanze.


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For any general questions regarding the ambulance utility fee, please contact the EMS Chief Todd Schanze at (509) 764-3849.