Clean it up

Oil Spill

If you have a spill, CLEAN IT UP! Never wash spilled gasoline, chemicals, paint or oil down into the street or gutters. Use kitty litter or absorbent material to capture the liquid, then sweep it up and dispose of it properly. If you can see that spilled material is traveling into the system, use old towels, rags or other absorbent barrier material to stop it and call the hotline number right away.

Spill Hotline 509-764-3792

Green tips

  • Take your car to a commercial car wash rather than wash it in the driveway. Commercial car washes have a system that keeps soapy water and debris from reaching the stormwater system. If you must wash at home, park on grass or vegetation, and make sure to shut off the water in between rinses to minimize runoff.
  • Keep your car maintained, check it for leaks frequently, and have your oil changed at a commercial service location, if possible. These locations are equipped to contain oils and fluids, most charge very little, and many also recycle used motor oil. If you do it at home, be sure to contain any fluids, clean up all spills, and take your used oil to a qualified recycling location for disposal.