Parks Gifts & Memorial Catalog

Policy for Accepting Gifts and Memorials

The beauty of our parks, and the recreational opportunities that they offer, have enriched the City of Moses Lake. The City of Moses Lake respects the desires of individuals to commemorate special events or the lives of loved ones; it also recognizes the desire of other community members who visit public places to not be burdened with a constant reminder of death. While gifts and memorials may enrich a park experience for park users, open space itself is a very precious commodity. The City of Moses Lake considers some open spaces in our parks as complete, offering an unrestricted setting to encounter a wide range of experiences. It is the responsibility of City of Moses Lake Parks & Recreation Department to preserve the open, tranquil quality of Moses Lake's parks. The goal of this policy is to ensure that the limited space available be used for park improvements that support the mission of the City of Moses Lake Parks & Recreation Department. Therefore, a thoughtful review process is provided to encourage gifts and donations that:

  • Cover the total cost of a project.
  • Are sensitive to all park users.
  • Are sensitive to the design standards required for public spaces.
  • Are sensitive to the long-term cost of maintenance and the distribution of maintenance money.

Any party wishing to locate a gift, memorial, or tribute in a Moses Lake park should
contact the City's Parks & Recreation Department for a consultation on the review and
acceptance process.

Parks Gifts & Memorial Catalog (PDF)
For More Information - Call 509-764-3805