Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement Officers provide a service to our community by enforcing the local municipal codes and assist with matters involving, building, planning, and life safety concerns.

Code Enforcement Process

Complaints can be submitted by telephone or email (contacts provided on the right) into Code Enforcement or submitted in person at Civic Center Annex, 321 S. Balsam. Staff also patrols the City for violations of the City Municipal Code.

After a complaint is received and verified, the property owners are contacted in person (if possible), by phone, or are sent a written Notice to Correct. This notice has a time frame of 10 days in which to correct the violation.

If the code violation is not corrected after the 10-day Notice to Correct, a Notice and Order is issued giving another 10 days to comply. If the violation has not been corrected within the time specified, a fine of $250 per day can be assessed to a maximum of $5,000. This is the civil penalty filed by the City Attorney.