Pools & Spas

It's fine to drain your pool; the problem is how and where you do it!

Draining your pool into the street or onto hard surfaces allows pool chemicals, solids, and algae to enter the storm drains, which run directly into the lake where families swim and play.

Unmanaged pool runoff is unhealthy for the water and the creatures living there. And discharging done wrong can be against the law! Make your lake happy, and make sure you—or your pool service—know how to do it right!

Pool maintenance doesn't have to be a problem. What will you do to help?

Here are tips on how to drain your pool or spa safely!

  • Never dump unused pool chemicals into a storm drain! Dispose of as household hazardous waste.Bad Pool Example
  • Cleaning wastewater and filter backwash may NOT be discharged to the storm system at any time.
  • Choose a place that has grass or vegetation to drain to. Just a few feet of grass slows flow, filters residual chemicals, and captures particles.
  • Before beginning, remove all trash and debris from the drain area. Skim your pool or spa to remove any solids.
  • Wait for hot tubs to cool down before draining.
  • Don't ever drain directly to the curb or gutter.
  • Test your water! Make sure that water being drained is dechlorinated to 0.1 ppm or less, and that pH is between 6 to 11.
  • Call us at (509) 764-3792. Notice of discharge is required, and we can help you find the safest way to drain!

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Keep our lake as fun to swim in as your pool! Only rain down the drain!