Information for Tenants

Required Forms to Begin Services

Tenant Utility Service Request (PDF)
Utility Services Waiver (PDF)

Important Tenant Information

  • Utility service accounts cannot be started over the phone.
  • There are two (2) ways to start utility services with The City of Moses Lake: (1) You can start utility services in person at the Utility Department located in the Moses Lake Civic Center at 401 S. Balsam St., Moses Lake, WA 98837. Government issued Photo ID is required for all utility service requests made in person. (2) If you are out of the area or cannot come into our office in person, you can obtain the Tenant Utility Services Request (PDF) on our city website. All forms must be notarized. Please submit notarized forms via email to Utility Billing or by fax to (509) 764-3738. 
  • As a tenant, utility services will not be put in your name until the Tenant Utility Services Request (PDF) (completed by tenant) and Utility Services Waiver (PDF) (completed by Property Owner or Management Company) are returned to our office. Once these forms are returned to the Utility Department we will add your name on to the account until we are otherwise notified.
  • There is a $15.00 charge for opening an account. The fee will be added to the first bill sent to you as the tenant.
  • Your utility services account will be billed monthly. The billing dates are based on location and cannot be changed. Payment is due thirty (30) days from the billing date.
  • Our accounts stay with the property; they do not follow the customer. This means that if there is any outstanding balance on the account at the time of your move in, your utility services may be impacted and you should contact the property owner or management company to make sure that a payment is being made to bring the account current.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the Utility Department of any phone number and mailing address changes.
  • We DO NOT have an extension or budget payment program.
  • Your property owner or management company may request information regarding your account at any time during your tenancy. This may include information regarding the account balance, payment history, or delinquency status.
  • Your monthly bill can be viewed online through Invoice Cloud. Invoice Cloud does offer auto pay for your utility services. If you schedule your account for auto pay it is your responsibility to cancel your auto pay once you move or discontinue utility services. Auto pay does not follow you if you move from address to address. If your credit card used for auto pay expires, your credit card number changes or you get a new bank account; it is your responsibility to update your auto pay. We do not monitor your Invoice Cloud account. 
  • Payment for your utility services can be made at our Utility Department located in The Moses Lake Civic Center, 401 S. Balsam St., Moses Lake, WA. A convenient drive-up drop box is located behind the old City Hall, 321 S. Balsam St., Moses Lake, WA. Payments can be mailed to P.O. Box 1579, Moses Lake, WA 98837. Payments can also be made over the phone using Visa, Master Card, Discover or your checking account, (509) 347-0492.
  • It is your responsibility to notify The City of Moses Lake of your scheduled move out date as soon as possible. Your Final Bill may be impacted if you wait until you have already moved to inform us.
  • We DO NOT have a Landlord/Tenant Agreement. Once you discontinue utility services they do not automatically revert to the property owner or property manager.

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