Billing Information

Ambulance Service Utility

  • Residential fee of $13.40 per dwelling
  • Non-residential fee of $13.40 per 5,000 square feet or portion thereof to a maximum of 25
  • Lodging (Hotel/Motel) fee of $13.40 per room for 1/2 of total room count

Residential Garbage Rates 

Curbside service includes weekly collection of household trash in designated container.

SizeRateSenior Rate 
48 Gallon$21.60$10.80
64 Gallon$23.57$11.79
96 Gallon$35.35$17.69

*Recycling and yard waste carts are free. (limit two per household)

Commercial Garbage Rates 

Please contact Lakeside Disposal for container dimensions and availability.

Water Rates

Water utility includes a fixed charge based on user class and meter size, in addition to meter consumption.  Single Family and Duplex water consumption is billed on a tiered rate system to encourage conservation.  

Single Family Residential & Duplex Meter Size
Fixed Charge
.75"  Water Meter
1"     Water Meter
1.5"  Water Meter
2"     Water Meter

Single Family Residential & Duplex  UsageConsumption Rate
Tier 10 - 1,000 Cubic Feet$0.42/100 Cubic Feet
Tier 21,001 - 3,000 Cubic Feet$1.27/100 Cubic Feet
Tier 3Over 3,000 Cubic Feet$2.65/100 Cubic Feet

Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial & Irrigation
Meter Size 
Fixed Charge
.75"  Water Meter$35.70
1"     Water Meter$39.63
1.5"  Water Meter$51.44
2"     Water Meter$110.59
3"     Water Meter$189.40
4"     Water Meter$307.68
6"     Water Meter$425.91
8"     Water Meter$741.29

Non-Residential  by User Class
Consumption Rate
$0.85/100 Cubic Feet
$1.02/100 Cubic Feet
$1.02/100 Cubic Feet
$1.25/100 Cubic Feet

Sewer Rates

Monthly sewer rates include a fixed charge determined by user class.  Commercial and Industrial users also pay a consumption rate dependent on metered water unless discharge is metered separately. 

User ClassFixed ChargeConsumption Rate
Single Family$37.99N/A
Commercial$40.76$1.82/100 Cubic Feet
Industrial$45.85$2.01/100 Cubic Feet

Storm Water

Rate is $6.45 for each residential living unit. Commercial storm water charges vary according to impervious ground surface. 

User ClassImpervious Ground CoverFixed Rate
Single Family ResidentialN/A$6.45
Non-Residential0 - 6,000 sf$6.45
Non-Residential6,001 - 15,000 sf$10.89
Non-Residential15,001 - 30,000 sf$15.89
Non-Residential30,001 - 60,000 sf$31.67
Non-Residential60,001 - 120,000 sf$63.09
Non-Residential120,001 - 240,000 sf$126.25
Non-Residentialover 240,000 sf$189.36

utility tax

Per RCW 35.92.460 Utility fee or tax - Disclosure: 

The City of Moses Lake utility rates for Water, Sewer, and Garbage include a 10% Utility Excise Tax that will remain in effect until amended, altered or revoked.  This tax is deposited to the City's general fund to be used for capital project improvements to the City's infrastructure; however a portion is used for construction and maintenance of street improvements.  Additional details may be found in the City's Municipal Code Chapter 3.30 Utility Occupational Tax.