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What is GIS?

Layered Map - Customers, Streets, Parcels, Elevation, Land Usage and Real World

Geographic Information System

  • Graphic Representation
  • Preserve & Organize Data
  • Analysis
  • Communication

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that ties data and information to specific geographic locations. This information is organized by storing common features in datasets, also known as layers. These layers can then be stacked in a map according to the intended purpose or target audience.

GIS data can be used to visually locate a feature in the real world. If you wanted to drive to a City park you could view a GIS map which consisted of layers such as "parks", "city streets", and "aerial imagery." These same layers are containers for information such as the name of the park and City street names. The "parks" layer could also contain information about the size of each park in the City which could then be used to determine what types of new parks are needed within the City. There are many ways to share GIS information. The most common of these are: printed maps, dynamic web maps, and tables.

About the City of Moses Lake GIS

Moses Lake Map

The City of Moses Lake produces and maintains many types of GIS data as well as utilizing data from other agencies like the Census Bureau and Grant County. Legal documentation and accurate mapping techniques are used whenever possible to generate this data. Some of the data is used by City staff for planning and documentation purposes. Relevant data is published for public use. 

The published maps are for informational purposes only. The accuracy of all information should be confirmed with City staff.

Maps are available in static form as Classic PDFs or as dynamic, interactive Web and Mobile maps. The City is also able to provide assistance with additional mapping needs upon request.


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