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Salon Series
Salon Series

It is through conversation that communities thrive. These programs are intended to bring conversation back into our modern lives – welcome to the afternoon 
Salon Series.

Inspired by the 16th Century European movement, the “salon” was an informal intellectual gathering popular through the late 19th Century. Today’s salons take many forms, from formal lectures to informal get-togethers at friends’ homes. 

These programs will draw on local speakers who want to share what they are passionate about. Our 21st Century version of the salon is a venue where local ideas matter.

Join the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center in the Civic Center Auditorium for select 1st Wednesday’s throughout the year. 
Programs begin at 3pm.

2017 Winter/Spring Salon Series

January 4
The Ephrata Army Air Base
with Mick Qualls
Established in 1939, the Ephrata Army Air Base sprang up from the sagebrush of Central Washington. Historian Mick Qualls will lead us on a journey back in time when the Ephrata Army Air Base was once training grounds for thousands of servicemen bound for Europe and the Pacific.

February 1
The Struggle is Real: Romance Fantasies, Fighting Females, and the Strong Woman Ideal in a Post-Feminist Popular Culture
with Allison Palumbo
On October 1, 1982, Remington Steele premiered on NBC, ushering in a new kind of romance fantasy for American television audiences. On the surface, the show featured private eyes catching bad guys, but it was really a story about a man and a woman trying to answer one of the biggest questions of contemporary life: is it really possible to mix business with pleasure in a world where men and women's roles have begun to blend? This question is central to my presentation on film and television narratives that feature fighting females (like cops and spies) who struggle to find successful romance as strong, independent women. I’ll address a range of media from the last thirty years, from Cagney and Lacey and Moonlighting to Bones and Castle as well as blockbuster movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Date Night. 

March 1
Wonder Woman and the Dialectic of History
with Dennis Knepp
The Wonder Woman origin story follows the dialectical pattern of G.W.F. Hegel's philosophy of history: civilization starts with only the despot free, then the Ancient Greeks learn that some people are free, and finally we moderns have proclaimed that all are free. 

April 5
with Dan Bolyard

May 3
with John Lawton

2017 Fall Salon Series

September 6

October 4

November 1

Hum WA

The Salon Series of free afternoon programs is sponsored in part by Humanities Washington Humanities. Washington is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to sparking conversation and critical thinking using story as a catalyst, nurturing thoughtful and engaged communities across our state. To find out more visit their website at