Fire Prevention & Education

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Fire Prevention Division

The Prevention Division provides fire protection plan review services for the City of Moses Lake, fire investigations, public education, juvenile firesetter intervention counseling, fire code inspections, and fire code enforcement. Working in conjunction with our Medical Services Officer, the prevention division also offers Community CPR training, poison control, and fall prevention as part of our overall community risk reduction approach.

Request for Fire Department education opportunities:

Station tours are conducted in conjunction with fire prevention program education, and are available for school groups. Due to operational commitments we do not offer tours on Mondays. Station tours are not recommended for children under the age of 4. If you wish to schedule, please fill out the form provided in the link below, and email T. Deering. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate unscheduled tours of the Fire Stations.

Education Opportunity Request Form (PDF)

Fire Prevention & Education Information Center

Fire Hydrants

In the City of Moses Lake there are two primary categories of fire hydrants, publicly maintained, and privately maintained. Publicly maintained hydrants are those hydrants that are inspected, tested, and maintained by the City of Moses Lake Water Department. Privately maintained hydrants are those hydrants that are inspected, tested, and maintained by individual property owners or water system owners. Generally speaking private hydrants are either connected to water sources other than the City of Moses Lake water system, or are separated from the city system by premises isolation valves.

All hydrants, whether public or private, are required to be tested annually. Painting is required every three years. Private hydrants are to be painted red with white markings and public hydrants are to be painted yellow. As a part of annual maintenance all hydrants must have the static pressure of the hydrant recorded. Flow testing is required every five years for all fire hydrants.

The links below explain the testing procedures for hydrants, and the instructions for marking hydrants.

Owners of private hydrants:

You must report inspections / maintenance to our third party reporting vendor per Moses Lake Municipal Code 16.48. Inspection forms and reporting procedures are found here:
Tegrise Fire website