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water and sky: paintings and drawings by karen mobleypainting of a sky by Karen Mobley

Showing October 9, 2020 through February 26, 2021

Vibrant hues of cobalt blue seem to dance energetically with airy cloud forms in the Water and Sky series by Spokane resident Karen Mobley. For Mobley, nature is a huge influence on her art and the way she views the world. She has led art education and workshops in a variety of notable institutions including Whitworth University, the Spokane Public Library, and Spokane Art School. We invite you to experience her expansive and bright oil paintings paired alongside expressive large-scale charcoal drawings. This is a unique opportunity to view the artist’s drawing and painting processes side-byside.

“Nature is my inspiration, the source of almost all of my works. I believe that nature is a vital way for people to understand the whole of the universe. I was raised on an elk refuge in Wyoming where I spent hours as a child walking the ditch and the edges of the creeks. I am a Game Warden’s daughter concerned with creatures and the outdoor worlds from microscopic to macroview. I desire to create a works of art that allow the viewer to ‘get lost’ in the shapes, textures, colors, and spaces. In the same way that one might seek a peaceful heart in a walk or a bike ride, these works for me are an intersection between nature and spirit, craft and feeling.” - Karen Mobley

Featured Artwork: Sky-ish 3, oil on canvas. 

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