Visiting with a Family

Before Your Visit

  • Discuss with your children what they think they might see at a museum and art gallery. Talk about Museum Rules with your child. Explain that they are not allowed to touch the art or artifacts.

At the museum

  • Check at the front desk for information about current exhibits, guides or postcards.
  • Stop by the Kids Studio to find books for kids, coloring supplies and fun activities.
  • Baby changing stations are located in the women's and men's restrooms, near the Auditorium. Two single user/family restrooms with changing stations are located at the East end of the Museum.

Looking Together

  • Take a moment to look at the architecture of the Museum building. Consider: How is the Museum different from other spaces you have been in?
  • Design your visit around a topic or theme, such as people, fossils or colors. Look together for art and artifacts within that theme.
  • Ask your children questions while you are looking at the artworks. Consider: What do you see? What do you see in the art that makes you say that?
  • Look closely! You can ask your children to name the colors, describe the texture, or list the materials that the artist used. You might play "I Spy" to identify shapes, colors and objects.

After Your Visit

  • Start your own museum collection at home!
  • Create a collection from objects around your house, such as buttons, dolls, toy cars, leaves, or rocks. How will you arrange and display your collection? Create your own art inspired by what you saw during your visit to the Museum & Art Center.

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