Permits & Forms


Permit applications and the required checklists and other documentation can be submitted to the Fire Marshal in person at Station 1, located at 701 E. Third Avenue, or by mailing to:  
Fire Marshal's Office
701 E. Third Avenue
Moses Lake, WA 98837

All permit applications must be legible and complete, and must be accompanied by the permit fee, appropriate system checklist, and the system plans. All incomplete submissions will be rejected and returned.

Fire Protection Systems, Fire Alarm Systems & Permitting

Permits are required for the following systems in new construction, new installations in existing buildings, and replacements / repairs in existing buildings:

Effective January 1, 2019, the City of Moses Lake Fire Department will recognize WAC 51-54A 907.10 of the state fire code as follows: 

907.10 NICET: National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies. 
907.10.1 Scope. This section shall apply to new and existing fire alarm systems.
907.10.2 Design review: All construction documents shall be reviewed by a NICET III in fire alarms or a licensed professional engineer (PE) in Washington prior to being submitted for permitting. The reviewing professional shall submit a stamped, signed, and dated letter; or a verification method approved by the local authority having jurisdiction indicating the system has been reviewed and meets or exceeds the design requirements of the state of Washington and the local jurisdiction (effective July 1, 2018).
907.10.3 Testing/maintenance: All inspection, testing, maintenance and programming not defined as "electrical construction trade" by chapter 19.28 RCW shall be completed by a NICET II in fire alarms (effective July 1, 2018). 

Operational & Hazardous Materials Permits

Operational permits are required for the following: