Billing Information

Ambulance Service Utility

  • Residential fee of $13.40 per dwelling
  • Non-residential fee of $13.40 per 5,000 square feet or portion thereof to a maximum of 25
  • Lodging (Hotel/Motel) fee of $13.40 per room for 1/2 of total room count
    Municipal Code 2.30.05, 2.30.110, 2.30.140 (PDF)

Residential Garbage Rates 

Curbside service includes weekly collection of household trash in designated container.

SizeRateSenior Rate 
48 Gallon$21.60$10.80
64 Gallon$23.57$11.79
96 Gallon$35.35

*Recycling and yard waste carts are free. (limit two per household)

Commercial Garbage Rates 

Please contact Lakeside Disposal for container dimensions and availability.

Water Rates

Water utility includes a fixed charge based on user class and meter size, in addition to meter consumption.  Single Family and Duplex water consumption is billed on a tiered rate system to encourage conservation.  

Single Family Residential & Duplex Meter Size
Fixed Charge
.75"  Water Meter
1"     Water Meter
1.5"  Water Meter
2"     Water Meter

Single Family Residential & Duplex  UsageConsumption Rate
Tier 10 - 1,000 Cubic Feet$0.42
Tier 21,001 - 3,000 Cubic Feet$1.27
Tier 3Over 3,000 Cubic Feet$2.65

Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial & Irrigation
Meter Size 
Fixed Charge
.75"  Water Meter$35.70
1"     Water Meter$39.63
1.5"  Water Meter$51.44
2"     Water Meter$110.59
3"     Water Meter$189.40
4"     Water Meter$307.68
6"     Water Meter$425.91
8"     Water Meter$741.29

Non-Residential  by User Class
Consumption Rate
$0.85/100 Cubic Feet
$1.02/100 Cubic Feet
$1.02/100 Cubic Feet
$1.25/100 Cubic Feet

Municipal Code 13.12.010 (PDF)

Sewer Rates

Monthly sewer rates include a fixed charge determined by user class.  Commercial and Industrial users also pay a consumption rate dependent on metered water unless discharge is metered separately. 

User ClassFixed ChargeConsumption Rate
Single Family$37.99N/A
Commercial$40.76$1.82/100 Cubic Feet
Industrial$45.85$2.01/100 Cubic Feet

Municipal Code 13.12.030 (PDF)

Storm Water

Rate is $6.45 for each residential living unit. Commercial storm water charges vary according to impervious ground surface. 

User ClassImpervious Ground CoverFixed Rate
Single Family ResidentialN/A$6.45
Non-Residential0 - 6,000 sf$6.45
Non-Residential6,001 - 15,000 sf$10.89
Non-Residential15,001 - 30,000 sf$15.89
Non-Residential30,001 - 60,000 sf$31.67
Non-Residential60,001 - 120,000 sf$63.09
Non-Residential120,001 - 240,000 sf$126.25
Non-Residentialover 240,000 sf$189.36

Municipal Code 13.12.042 (PDF)