City Council


Don Myers

Deputy Mayor

David EckCouncil Member

David Eck

Dustin SwartzCouncil Member

Dustin Swartz

Deanna MartinezCouncil Member

Deanna Martinez

Judy MadewellCouncil Member

Judy Madewell

Mark FancherCouncil Member

Mark Fancher


Moses Lake has a council-manager form of government. Council Members are elected by the voters and represent the entire community and the Mayor is elected by the Council Members.  The City Council adopts ordinances and resolutions, sets policies, approves contracts and budgets, and appoints individuals to boards and commissions.  

Citizens may communicate with City Council through phone calls, letters or email via the City’s website. Please note:  All correspondence submitted to the Council and/or city staff are subject to inspection by the public and may be obtained through a public records request.  People may formally address the Council during formal public hearings, at the public comment portion, or during the specific subject of the Council’s Meeting.